Natural Wellbeing


Osteopathy is based upon the principle that "structure governs function". Both form and function exist as an integrated whole in which there is a reciprocal interplay between the two. Any condition, whether it is triggered by an accident or something else, can lead to a mixture of symptoms, including our mental and emotional representation of what is happening, such that the osteopath may need to address multiple issues as well as treating the immediate symptoms..

 I like to teach people body awareness, such that they become more involved in their process of healing, rather than viewing the body as a machine needing to be fixed or repaired like a car. The ultimate result occurs through our own self healing and the osteopath is merely the guide or facilitator. Osteopathy is a Primary Healthcare modality which is ACC recognised and which has stood the test of time. It blends gentle cranio sacral techniques alongside more traditional structural bodywork. Each person is unique in their needs and my aim is to provide an atmosphere of respect and which allows enough time to treat, as well as being affordable.

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