Natural Wellbeing


With over 25 years experience both in the UK & New Zealand I blend a range of musculo-skeletal skills which includes traditional osteopathic techniques, cranio-sacral methods & polarity therapy to treat a variety of general health problems.

In practice these are often low back pain & strain, neck & shoulder problems. These may be chronic or acute or post-injury (sport, car accident such as whiplash for example). Headaches & Migraine are very amenable to treatment, especially when supportive naturopathic methods are used alongside.

More chronic musculo-skeletal conditions can be helped, such as Fibromyalgia, Arthritic syndromes & Polymyalgia Rheumatica as examples.A general principle in Osteopathy is that 'structure governs function', so any improvement in body alignment, especially at the core spinal level, can influence positively many health disorders. Treatment also facilitates relief from tension, leading to profound relaxation.

I offer Traditional Chinese Medical techniques & supportive nutritional, herbal help where needed to assist inflammation & repair, and this is free of side effects and is gentle on the body.

Treatment is provided in a caring atmosphere, attentive to your needs & provides ample time for a session with affordable ACC surcharges. Osteopathy is a Primary Healthcare Modality.

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