Natural Wellbeing

Oligoscan Mineral and Toxic Element Testing

Oligoscan enables a safe in- clinic analysis of what minerals and toxic elements (as heavy metals) are present in your body at the time of testing. This information is then used by your practitioner for interpretation.

Minerals are either in excess, deficient or within normal physiological range.

A correct balance of minerals is essential for good health. Mineral imbalance often reflects itself in poor physiological health. This includes the ratio of one mineral to another. Heavy metals are foreign to the body and often disrupt health significantly. Therefore, a program might be needed to reduce the levels.

Oligoscan provides a precise in time assessment, allowing your practitioner to provide a more accurate supplementation program to correct this imbalance. Oligoscan uses state of the art photospectrometry to precisely measure minerals in the skin and blood vessels of the palm of the hand. No biopsy or blood sample is needed. Oligoscan is a testing device and not a treatment device.

Minerals and toxic elements present in the surface skin layers of the palm reflect overall tissue levels in the body as a whole.

Available for ADULTS and CHILDREN (ages 3 upwards), the testing process is fast and painless.

Health conditions that might benefit from heavy metal clearance or mineral balancing include FERTILITY, AUTISM, ADHD as well as a possible wide range of health concerns.


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