Natural Wellbeing

Personalised healthcare using Fitgenes genetic profiling

LEARN how your nutrition, exercise and lifestyle interact with your genes and find out how the environment and what you do INFLUENCES and MODIFIES how your genes function in more ways than you think.

PREVENTION: The FITGENES profile helps guide you toward unlocking the potential benefits of your genes and focuses on helping you work in tandem with those genes that support health and wellbeing. Although genes cannot be changed, it is possible to compensate for their effects in the direction of greater health and prevention.

PERSONALISED HEALTHCARE: One size does not fit all. I am able to guide you, using the science of nutrigenomics, with a health program tailored to your specific needs.

FERTILITY: Find out if there are factors impeding conception that you can influence and change for the better. Discover ways to influence the as yet unborn child in the direction of better genetic health so that She/He can enjoy life to the fullest.

CHILD HEALTH/AUTISM/ADHD: Discover some of the factors influencing your child's health that empower you to effect positive change in the direction of harmony and health.

PRIVACY: Fitgenes uses a process of de-identified personalised genetic profiling. This means that once your DNA profile is submitted, all your personal details are extracted prior to being sent to the laboratory for testing. Once the results are returned they are re-matched by myself in order to create your personalised nutrigenomic program or treatment.


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