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Fertility & Women’s Health

Natural Fertility

Fertility problems can challenge your deep sense of Womanhood (and Manhood for your partner) & spiral you into a sense of hopeless expectancy & failure. Yet it is possible to explore your body wisdom to ignite your sense of purpose & reality of success & to dispel the myths that work against this. Experience your body as a vehicle for procreation, fully in tune with your emotional needs. At this centre we help you to balance your hormonal physiology & general health using a multi-disciplinary approach that incorporates the best herbal, nutritional & complementary healing models. Through Hypno-fertility & exploration of your unconscious you can free yourself of any limiting beliefs. I offer support for IVF to greatly enhance your success, bringing the best of complementary medicine together with the sophistication of modern fertility technology.

Your Male partner, too, can experience the benefit of herbal/nutritional treatment to markedly enhance your chances of success, to help implantation & prevent miscarriage, as well as ensuring a very healthy baby.

This is your opportunity to give birth to a better future paved with your joyful footsteps.

Women’s Health

The idea behind holistic medicine is that the body has the innate knowledge & wisdom to heal itself once the obstacles to that are no longer needed. By using natural healing methods you can find the causes & restore harmony, not just masking the symptoms.The varied & often seemingly complex image of women’s health may be due to a number of causes such as nutritional deficiencies, lifestyle imbalances, air travel, emotional issues, allergies & food intolerances, inherited predisposition or sleep problems to mention a few.

I use both western & oriental methods of diagnosis, coupled with laboratory tests when needed. The following conditions in their varied signatures can be helped: PMS, Endometriosis, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Infertility, Absence of menstruation, Heavy menstruation, Low libido, Fibroids & weight concerns, post-surgical problems & more.

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