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Autism Spectrum Disorder has grown exponentially during the past 30-40 years. The reasons for this are unknown, but we can assume a combination of genetic and/or environmental factors as a cause. Indeed, there may be multiple factors involved in its causation which will vary from individual to individual such that it is unwise to present a definitive judgement. Autism can be mild with only a few of the typical traits on a continuum to a fully developed case.

Autism may only be noticed when a child is 3-4 years old when the aberrant behaviour is easier to observe, but may also be noticed when the child is a few months old. It typically manifests in three broad areas: that of communication, the ability to socialise and in the use of the imagination. There can also be an overlap with certain other disorders such as dyspraxia and OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). It can be very challenging for parents who need to choose between a variety of treatment options, especially as they want the best help for their child. Indeed, there are biomedical treatments, language/communication therapies, educational programs using behavioural principles, sensory integration as well as complementary & alternative medical approaches to name a few.

The complementary/alternative medical approach that I use attempts to understand autism in terms of brain and body biochemistry, using nutritional therapy to correct these imbalances. Mind and body are intertwined, each influencing the other. We know that there is an intimate link between behaviour and health. Most people are aware that physical ill health affects mood and energy and how a chronic physical affliction can affect outlook and personality. The same is true for children. It is possible to change brain/mind functions through nutritional methods in conjunction with detoxification protocols & specific types of immune support to effect positive changes in autism.

In addition to the above SOUND THERAPY helps the autistic child to improve co-ordination and integration within the nervous system, which in turn enhances language skills, socialisation and imagination, enabling such a child to integrate within the broader social network of human beings in the outer world as well as within his/her own family.


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