Natural Wellbeing

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)


The Naturopathic treatment of ADHD is a holistic one. Rather than isolating single components and treating those alone, it acknowledges the interrelationship between various bodily systems. In particular the GUT (digestive tract), the BRAIN & the IMMUNE SYSTEM must be fully integrated. An imbalance in any one part of this triad can impact on the other two. In very young children these three systems are relatively "immature" so become vulnerable to dysfunction. It is essential that young children are provided with the best diet and optimum conditions for their development early on, as well as in pre-conception & pregnancy care. The health of the Mother & Father is paramount too.

There are many things in our current environment that are likely to overwhelm a child’s system; and it is in these instances that the brains neurochemicals start to create behavioural effects, so typical of ADHD children. I use a range of child friendly (as far as taste & compliance is concerned) nutritional formulas, specifically designed to re-balance the systems mentioned above. Allergy Testing is available also, as it is important to address this side of the immune system as well.

Typical symptoms such as restlessness, excitability, lack of attention, mood changes & temper outbursts, to name a few of things that can be observed, become easier to manage & a thing of the past, which makes your life & the life of those around you that much better, as calmness pervades the atmosphere. Sound Therapy can help here too as this enables the child to process all the sensory information that it receives from the immediate environment & which, no longer overwhelming to the child, is integrated into meaningful actions & responses.


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